Research Software Engineering at the Centre


The remit of the Centre, to develop and apply novel computational solutions, means Research Software Engineering is integral to the business of the Centre, and many of the Centre's staff self-identify as Research Software Engineers. These staff, through the Centre's many and diverse links and collaborations, interact with researchers throughout the world to both provide the high quality research software that is required to solve increasingly complex problems, and to educate the research community about the development of and need for such software.

Possibly the most obvious example of this is the Centre being one of the founders of the Software Sustainability Institute, but many other examples exist, from the Digital Humanities Summer School and the develop of standards for data collection and curation in the bio-sciences, through to the development of software that will process the signals detected by the SKA. The centre has experienced RSEs involved in all these projects, and these initiatives helps support the University and its external collaborators with the reliable, sustainable and efficient software required for modern day research.


A large proportion of the Centre's staff consider themselves to be RSEs. Here are a few of them, along with a short summary of their interests.


Software Development is at the very centre of modern research. Read here how the Centre works with other bodies to promote best practice in the discipline, and raise awareness of its importance.


The Centre is involved in a large number of software projects. Here we provide some details of our work, and also pointers to events of interest.