Strategic Blue - Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Strategic Blue

Applying Big Data Analytics in the analysis of the cloud computing ecosystem to develop Strategic Blue core products and services, and to automate the functionality that underpins them.

28th April 2016 - 1st August 2018.

The Oxford e-Research Centre and high growth FinTech Strategic Blue will apply cutting edge data science expertise in cloud ecosystem analysis to enhance the technologies underpinning its financial cloud brokerage services and data analytics products. The work will build on previous analyses of the cloud computing ecosystem to inform consumer decision-making on appropriate cloud technologies and providers, and enhance the development of a resilient cloud market.

The Centre's work with the CloudWATCH and CloudWATCH2 projects has demonstrated the benefits of gaining a good understanding of the cloud ecosystem. Within this KTP, in partnership with Strategic Blue, we will extend quantitative methodologies by which we can better understand a particular use of cloud computing and who is the best fit provider for them. This has the possibility of transforming the current use of cloud and, we would hope, support the development of a complete market.

Research Associate Dr Priyasmita Sinha was recruited by the Centre to work within Strategic Blue to develop and provide a strong foundation in data analytics and machine learning skills, which should help them to develop innovative products and establish them as a leader in cloud computing services.

Professor David Wallom and Dr Neil Caithness are leading on this project for the Centre.