Developing an open-source framework for the execution of multi-block structured grid applications

The OPS (Oxford Parallel Structured software) project is developing an open-source framework for the execution of multi-block structured mesh applications on clusters of GPUs or multi-core CPUs and accelerators. Although OPS is designed to look like a conventional library, the implementation uses source-source translation to generate the appropriate back-end code for the different target platforms.

View latest developments at OP-DSL

Funding for OPS development is coming from:

  • EPSRC through support for the project on "Future-proof massively-parallel execution of multi-block applications"

Main Developers:

Other Developers/Collaborators:

  • Endre László (PPKE Hungary) 
  • Andrew Mallinson, David Beckingsale, Oliver Perks (Warwick)

Other collaborators are very welcome, either as developers of OPS, or as users to provide feedback on the software, documentation, etc. 



  • User API documentation (PDF) - updated  22/12/2015
  • Latest code available on git-hub repository

Publications and Reports

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  • I.Z. Reguly, G.R. Mudalige, M.B. Giles, D. Curran and S. McIntosh-Smith, "The OPS Domain Specific Abstraction for Multi-Block Structured Grid Computations". To appear in Proceedings of the 4th international workshop on Domain-Specific Languages and High-Level Frameworks for High Performance Computing(WOLFHPC '14).Held in conjunction with IEEE/ACM Supercomputing 2014(SC'14). (PDF)
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