Professor Wes Armour

Centre Director
01865 610789

Prof Wes Armour is Centre Director and Associate Professor in Engineering Science. He leads the Scientific Computing Group at OeRC. Prof Armour has an MPhys degree in Fundamental Particle Physics and Cosmology and a PhD in Lattice Gauge Theory (the computational description of the strong nuclear force).

His research interests are strongly focused in Scientific Computing, specifically the use of HPC and many-core technologies to answer scientific problems or to have impact in people’s day-to-day lives. Topics of work are centred on modelling and simulation, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), HPC/many-core and real-time computing for Big Data / Data Science.

Current projects at the Centre relate to:

  • The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, an international effort to build the world's largest radio telescope;
  • Astro Accelerate a many core accelerated software package for processing time domain radio-astronomy data;
  • OpenFOAM improving Computational Fluid Dynamics codes;
  • C4X Discovery Ltd increasing speed of drug discovery;
  • The ARTEMIS project: Real-time detection of pulsars and radio transients;
  • Application of Lattice Field Theory to simulate Graphene on clusters and GPUs.

Past Projects:

  • The MOTIVATE project: Real-time signal and image processing for LOFAR and SKA on GPUs;
  • Lattice Field Theory simulations of QED3 and consequences for spin liquids and cuprate superconductivity;
  • Implementation of X-ray microtomography for use on protein crystallography beamlines;
  • Real-time model based dose calculations and radiation damage corrections for protein crystals;
  • Absorption corrections for X-ray diffraction data collected from protein crystals; 
  • Statistical techniques for merging multiple crystal datasets.

Publications: (see Google Scholar)


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Radio Astronomy, Theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and Grid Computing publications can be found here.


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