Dr Sarah Sparrow
DPhil MSci

Programme Coordinator for climateprediction.net

01865 610679

I am the Programme Coordinator for the climateprediction.net (CPDN) project.  I build, deploy, test and release all new applications for the project as well as work with scientists to resolve issues when testing new ancillary files, additional diagnostics and weather@home regions.  My role has also included CPDN database server maintenance.  Additionally, I have worked as a CPDN scientist using both HadCM3 and the weather@home setups where a research interest was  the impact of human influence on extreme weather events.

Prior to this position I was project scientist and coordinator for the SOLCLI consortium: a project looking at solar influences on climate.  My research formed part of the mechanisms section which looked at how lower stratospheric heating perturbations can result in changes to the position and variability of the mid-latitude tropospheric jet.

I have also held a couple of positions in industry working on the implementation of business management systems which collate and monitor all business processes.

I hold a DPhil in physics from Oxford where I was studying stratospheric atmospheric dynamics looking at the influence of early winter conditions on the subsequent evolution of the polar stratosphere. Prior to this I obtained a MSci in Chemistry and Molecular Physics from the University of Nottingham.

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