Dr Neil Ashton
MEng, PhD, CEng
Senior Researcher
01865 610600

Dr Neil Ashton is a Senior Researcher at the Centre. He is an expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), with a particular focus on turbulence modelling. He has worked on a number of EU projects with leading companies such as Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen and DLR to develop new turbulence models suitable for complex industrial flows.

He completed his MEng and PhD at the University of Manchester and later worked at the Lotus Formula 1 team, where he was responsible for helping to develop the CFD and HPC methodology for the aerodynamic department. Since returning to academia he has focused on developing improved CFD methods and software to enable a truly virtual design process using large-scale HPC facilities. He has given invited talks at NASA, Boeing, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and others on his work and was recently a visiting scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre.

He is a Chartered Engineer through the IMechE, a senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) as well as the NAFEMS CFD working group. He has also written for a number of leading international science magazines on science and engineering.

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Recent Talks

• August 2016 - Oxford-Royale Summer School - Motivational talk for 16-18 year Oxford summer school students on turbulence and finding a fun career in science and engineering
• May 2016 - NASA Ames Research Centre AMS Seminar Series - Recent experiences of modeled-stress-depletion using DDES and IDDES for the 30P30N three-element airfoil
• February 2016 - TEDx Oxford - Turbulence, Finding Order in Chaos
• February 2016 - High Performance Computing & Big Data 2016 conference - Developing an Improved Aerodynamic Design Process for the Aerospace and Automotive Industries using HPC
• February 2016 - Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT) - Towards an entirely virtual design process: The challenge for turbulence modeling
• September 2015 - University of Manchester - Engaging with US Academia and Industry for aerospace research
• May 2015 - Oxford University E-Research Centre - Towards an entirely virtual engineering design process: The challenge for turbulence modeling
• February 2015 - Boeing R&D, Computational Challenges for aerodynamic design in Formula 1
• February 2015 - NASA Ames Research Centre, Computational Challenges for aerodynamic design in Formula 1
• October 2014 - Gdansk University, Embedded hybrid RANS-LES approaches.

Recent Publications

Magazine/Newspaper articles

Ashton, N., 'How safe is your plane?' BBC Focus Magazine, August 2016
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