Dr Milo Thurston
D. Phil., BSc (Hons).

Research Software Engineer

01865 610604

Milo Thurston  is currently one of the developers of BioSharing, as well as working on TeSS in collaboration with colleagues in Manchester.

Previously, he developed the OBOE system for managing services to be used by  Scratchpads , and prior to that was the Scientific Computing Support Specialist for Climateprediction.net responsible for server maintenance, software and infrastructure development.

His scientific background is in biology and bioinformatics, and he is an experienced in Linux system administration; he has a degree in microbiology and genetics from Dundee University, a D.Phil. in virology from Oxford University (supervised by the late Bill Hamilton) and previously qualified as an RHCE .

Outside his scientific work he is involved in teaching and research into Historical European Martial Arts, having founded a school in 1999 and subsequently written a modern training manual based on Sir William Hope's 1707 fencing text. He has taught and competed at martial arts events in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Austria and Germany.