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Barriers to renewable energy transition. Radio interview with DPhil Candidate Abdullah Alotaiq

The race to transition to renewables is not an equal one. Some countries have extra hurdles, others a head start

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Abdullah Alotaiq, a DPhil candidate based in the Energy and Environmental Informatics and Energy and Power groups at the Department of Engineering Science, gave a radio interview with 2SER, a community radio station in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

For an edition of the Renewable Energy Update, host Dr Matt Wright spoke with Mr. Alotaiq to discuss the barriers some countries are facing in terms of transitioning to renewable energy and the danger of stranded assets in global energy markets. 

"When you look at energy transition for each country, it is not linear. Many variables include current infrastructure, policy, willingness to take technology risks and commit to targets. It also depends on the age and value of current infrastructure in each country"

Abdullah Alotaiq is studying for a DPhil in Engineering Science. His research focuses on how resource-rich economies can maintain an edge in a decarbonised world. Specifically, focusing on renewable energy capacity planning, stranded assets and innovative energy-sector business models. 


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