Advanced e-Infrastructure and cloud computing


e-Infrastructure - underpinning everything we do...


Developing solutions to research challenges in the areas of;

- Cybesecurity
- Cloud Computing technology
- Cloud Computing and e-infrastucture Policy
- Active Data Management
- IoT
- Volunteer Computing

Group members:

Professor David Wallom, Associate Professor
Dr Saiful Kahn, Research Associate (KTP)
Dr Priya Sinha, Data Science Research Associate - Cloud Ecosystem
Michel Dresher, Cloud Computing Standards Specialist
Bruce Ferris - Trusted Cloud Associate
Jude Fletcher - DPhil candidate

Designing next generation systems to increase utilisation of cloud computing in novel domains

Understanding market adoption policies and mechanisms for cloud computing and cyber-security technologies

If you would like to find our more about the Centre's e-Infrastructure work or how we might work together then please do get in touch.

Current Projects is the European observatory of research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity and privacy
Constructing a scalable data storage system that can quickly retrieve usable, quality data to support intelligence-led security decision-making.
Applying Big Data Analytics in the analysis of the cloud computing ecosystem to develop Strategic Blue core products and services, and to automate the functionality that underpins them.
Integrating trusted computing technology into public cloud computing infrastructure to provide public cloud services with verifiable security, privacy and trust to develop enhanced product lines.

Past Projects

Enabling neuroscientists to streamline the laboratory experience from conception of experiment to publication of the research results.
The UK National Grid Service (NGS) is a national consortium of computational and data resources that make use of defined open standard grid interfaces to provide services to academia.
SIENA will contribute to defining a future eInfrastructures roadmap focusing on interoperability and standards.
The deployment of Shibboleth infrastructure has reached a point in its evolution where it is possible to develop a production service for the UK National Grid Service.
This project will integrate existing components to provide a reliable, high performance resource brokering system.
The Oxford e-Research Centre has a 96 core Dell cluster installed with MS Cluster Compute Server version 1. The cluster is arranged with both thick (quad dual core) nodes and thin (dual dual core) nodes.
This pilot will deliver a public-private hybrid cloud architecture and two demonstrators providing higher level services for the support of research.