A Virtual Research Environment framework for Cancer Imaging

Sharing information, images and algorithms in Cancer Research

"A Virtual Research Environment Framework for Cancer Imaging" (VRE-CI) project is part of phase three of the VRE programme funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) to provide a framework to allow researchers and clinicians involved in Cancer Imaging to share information, images and algorithms. It will achieve this by building on the Research Information Centre (RIC) developed for bioscience researchers by the British Library and Microsoft Corporation.

Within this project we will leverage the work that is underway in a Microsoft funded project on cancer imaging  and expand the RIC to include the capability to adopt and adapt imaging algorithms through the use of the Microsoft Trident Workflow Workbench.

 The collaboration includes researchers at the Oxford e-Research Centre, information engineers, clinicians at the Churchill hospital and researchers in theDepartment of Radiology, Oncology and Biology together with developers at Microsoft Corp.


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  • Dr. Maria Susana Avila-Garcia: susana.garcia {at} oerc.ox.ac.uk

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