GPU Centre Of Excellence Award

2017 Many-core Presentations

 Hilary Term

22nd February

A Lightweight Approach to Performance Portability with targetDP

Alan Gray from EPCC


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1st March

Lift: Future-Proofing High Performance Applications with a Functional Data-Parallel Language and Rewrite Rules

Christophe Dubach from University of Edinburgh

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8th March

Towards Achieving GPU-Native Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Ania Brown from OeRC

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Trinity Term

24th May

Single pulse detection algorithm for AstroAccelerate

Karel Adámek from OeRC


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7th June

Peak Finding algorithm for AstroAccelerate

James Sharpe from Zenotech


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14th June

Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of Manycore HPC Nodes

Milos Puzovic from Hartree Centre


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22nd June

Parallel convolution gridding for Radio Astronomy applications running on KNL and GPU

Why we need convolution gridding by Fred Dulwich from OeRC

How to do it on KNL and GPUs by Jacques du Toit from Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)


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Michaelmas Term

18th October

Challenges of Scale in Deep Learning

Adam Grzywaczewski from NVIDIA

22nd November
FPGA based parallel processing – What does the future hold?
Suleyman Demirsoy from Intel