Spreading the word about Digital Humanities at Oxford

The Digital Humanities at Oxford Network brings together over 200 projects from across the University, and organizes support, training, and events for those wishing to use digital techniques in their work.

Projects include pioneering crowdsourcing, dynamic online resources for research and teaching, and assembling, analysing and visualizing complex multimedia databases – using digital technologies and methods to formulate and answer new questions.


Some of the Digital Humanities projects the Oxford e-Research Centre is involved with:

Transforming Musicology: Exploring how emerging technologies for working with music as sound and score can transform musicology.

Early English Print in the HATHITrust (ElEPHãT): Enabling scholarly investigation across dynamic collections combining EEBO-TCP and the HathiTrust, using Linked Data.

Cultures of Knowledge: Networking the Republic of Letters, 1550-1750

CLAROS: an international research collaboration, using the latest Information and Communication Technologies to enable simultaneous searching of major collections in university research institutes and museums.


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