GPU Centre Of Excellence Award

2013 Many Core Seminar Presentations

A wide range of talks were presented as part of our Many-Core Seminar Series in 2013.  Slides from these are available to download below.

Hilary Term

January 30

Modeling forces between nanoparticles in a liquid crystal using OpenCL

Tom Fenech (Nanophysics and Soft Matter Group, University of Bristol)

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February 6

Splotch: HPC visualisation of astrophysical data

Marzia Rivi (Department Of Physics, University of Oxford)

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February 20

HPC methods for hidden Markov models (HMMs) in population genetics

Peter Kecskemethy (Department of Statistics, University of Oxford)

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February 27

Do theoretical FLOPs matter for real application's performance?

Joshua Mora (AMD)

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March 6

MATLAB: The challenges involved in providing a high-level language on a GPU

Jos Martin (Mathworks)

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Slides for the talk "MATLAB: Committed to Excellent Algorithms" are also available

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Trinity Term

May 8

Two GPU implementations in MATLAB: The Chaos Game Representation for genetic sequences, and Feynman integrals for open quantum systems dynamics

Nike Dattani (University of Oxford)

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May 15

OpenACC: GPU Computing with Directives

Timothy Lanfear (NVIDIA)

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May 22

Challenges in GPU porting: the Quantum ESPRESSO case

Filippo Spiga (University of Cambridge)

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May 29

Porting the ONETEP Linear-Scaling Quantum Chemistry Code to Massively Parallel Heterogeneous Architectures

Karl Wilkinson (University of Southampton)

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June 5

GPU Implementation of Lattice Boltzmann Method with Immersed Boundary: observations and results

Alistair Revell (University of Manchester)

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June 12

Mont Blanc: Early Experiences of using GPU Compute on ARM for HPC

James Clarkson (ARM)

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Michaelmas Term

October 23

Batch solution of scalar and block-tridiagonal equations on many-core accelerator

Endre László

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October 30

Experiences with porting spectral and lattice Boltzmann fluids codes using CUDA Fortran

Paul Dellar

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November 13

A GPU implementation of compressed sensing algorithms

Jared Tanner

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November 20

Novel architectures at the ARC / Advanced GPU programming techniques

Steven Young & István Reguly

November 27

NAG's experiences with the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor

Christopher Armstrong

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December 4

GPU based real-time signal detection for radio transients using Astro-Accelerate

Wes Armour

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