A European cloud observatory supporting cloud policies, standard profiles and services

Cloud interoperability is critical to increase choice & boost innovation in the Digital Single Market on both the demand & supply side. Enterprise, government agencies & research centres will benefit from the creation of a common framework for interoperability.

The aim of CloudWATCH is to build a common standards profile for cloud services by exploiting the existing European cloud federation and integration efforts and provide an interoperability testbed for use by the EU cloud hosting & provider industry.

CloudWATCH is user-centric throughout its main 4 objectives:

  1. Delivery of a sustainable European Cloud Observatory (ECO)

  2. Identified Use Cases, building on existing early adopters, will put users in the driver’s seat and allow their needs to be mapped onto functional requirements for Cloud Standards to support European governments

  3. A developed reference model & methodology to serve other user communities and use cases

  4. The development of common standards profile & certification schemes, tested with the user community base to demonstrate standards can support technical innovation, interoperability and open interfaces & is user oriented by providing the setting of safe, fair & compliant contracts. A detailed map of the cloud-friendly legal framework developed by EU institutions, should provided a detailed picture of the cloud environment, giving access to pilots that demonstrate the benefits of adopting innovative cloud services, show opportunities for SMEs & facilitate adoption by SMEs. As a result, users will find it easier to become cloud active.

The Business Innovation & Global Interoperability Experts (BIGIs) group, with the consortia, will raise awareness of cloud computing & promote best practices for 3 streams: eScience, SMEs/Industry and government. This was achieved by organising Cloud eConcertation meetings on an annual basis & ensuring that the funded R&D projects are fully aligned & exposed to current cloud standards efforts.

The success of the CloudWATCH project has led on to the creation of CloudWATCH2, to build further on the foundations it has laid.