GPU Centre Of Excellence Award

2014 Many-core Presentations

A wide range of talks were presented as part of our Many-Core Seminar Series in 2014.  Slides from these are available to download below.

Hilary Term

February 5

Code Generation from High-Level Specifications: an Example from OP2

Istvan Reguly (Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford

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February 12

A Sparse Direct Solver for GPUs

Johathan Hogg (Numerical Analysis Group, Rutherford Appleton Lab)

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February 19

GPU Accelerated Reweighing Calculations for Neutrino Oscillation Analyses with the T2K Experiment

Richard Calland (University of Liverpool)

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February 26

Big Data Visualisation on the MIC

Timothy Dykes (University of Portsmouth)

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March 5

Probabilistic Brain Fiber Tractography on GPUs

Moises Hernandez (FMRIB, University of Oxford)

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 March 12

How OpenCL enables easy access to FPGA performance?

Suleyman Demirsoy (Altera)

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Trinity Term

May 21

High-Level Abstractions for Performance, Portability and Continuity of

Hydrocodes on Future Computing Systems

Gihan Mudalige (Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford)

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May 28

OSKAR: Simulating data from the SKA

Fred Dulwich (Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford)

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Jun 4

GPU Implementation of Finite Difference Methods in Finance

Mike Giles (Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford)

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Jun 11

Challenges in porting Structured Grid Fluid Dynamics Codes

Dan Curran (University of Bristol)

Jun 18

Implementation and comparison of polyphase filter on many-core systems

Karel Adámek (Silesian University of Opava)

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Michaelmas Term

Nov 5

Evaluating alternative programming models and processing techologies as
candidates for Exascale

Andrew Mallinson (Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick)

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Nov 12

Cross-loop Optimization of Arithmetic Intensity and Data Locality for
Unstructured Mesh Applications

Fabio Luporini (Imperial College London)

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Nov 26

Accelerating Scientific Discovery with Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors

John Pennycook (Intel)

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Dec 3

Abstracting Parallelism to Achieve Portable Performance

Alan Gray (EPCC, The University of Edinburgh)

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