Ruth Kirkham
01865 610640

Ruth was responsible for supporting the Centre with Impact Case Studies and coordinating the Centre's acitivity for the upcoming REF.

Ruth is also an experienced Project and Programme Manager and has previously worked on the following projects: The Digital Humanities at Oxford Network, Humanities Division (Fell); The e-Research South consortium, OeRC (EPSRC); Project Bamboo (Oxford’s participation); OeRC (Mellon and Fell); ‘A Virtual Research Environment for the Study of Documents and Manuscripts' OeRC (JISC); ‘User Requirements Gathering for the Humanities’ workshop series, Humanities Division (AHRC); ‘A Virtual Workspace for the Study of Ancient Documents’, Humanities Division (EPSRC/AHRC); ‘Building a Virtual Research Environment for the Humanities' (BVREH), Humanities Division (JISC).

Ruth has also worked for the OeRC as a Research Facilitator, supporting centre staff in finding research opportunities and preparing their applications.