Jude Fletcher

DPhil candidate

01865 610620

Jude's background is in Software Engineering with a lot of practical experience in front end development, back end scripting, database development and design thinking on multiple technological platforms. Jude's areas of interest linger around mobile/ edge cloud computing and artificial intelligence. His current research project investigates how utilities being offered primarily over a cloud network could be efficiently scheduled or delivered via the devices at the edge of the cloud, essentially closer to the user.

Originally from Ghana, Jude has a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Poland and England respectively. During the course of his studies, Jude acquired varied industrial experience with a number of companies including Google, working on front end and mobile applications. After his master's degree in 2014, he then moved to York to work with Nestle UK & Ireland for almost 4 years, pushing the HR Analytics and technology agenda within HR Operations.

External networking with experts has been particularly rewarding and important to Jude; which has even given him the opportunity to speak about Big Data at United Nations in Switzerland in 2015.