David Wallom

Associate Director - Innovation


Dr David Wallom is the Associate Director – Innovation of the Oxford e-Research Centre, where he leads three different activities, Energy and ICT, Cloud Computing and Volunteer Computing. He has led over 20 research projects in areas such as Cloud utilisation, Smart Energy Grids, Research data management, Green IT, ICT security and institutional repositories.  He has led the OeRC Volunteer Computing Group for the last 3 years. He is the OeRC representative at the Open Grid Forum ensuring University of Oxford has a voice at this international standards and community body. Within this activity he was the VP-Community where he lead activities around utilisation of standards and best practices developed in OGF. He is a member of the GCHQ recognized centre of Excellence in Cyber Security and the UK Space Agency Ground segment Advisory Group and the UK Government TSB Satellite Applications Centre Academic Advisory Board.
He is also the Technical Director of the UK national e-infrastructure for research (c.f. OpenScienceGrid) the UK NES; Key activities include the supervision and direction of the projects research and development functions and the development of a service based federated cloud computing provision. He alsoleads the NGS membership program, overseeing the interaction between the NGS, collaborating large research projects and institutional research computing facilities connected into the national e-infrastructure.

David currently leads the Integrated Instrumentation and Volunteer Computing Groups.


Current Projects;

Past Projects

  • Bridging the Repository Interoperability Divide - BID (JISC, Co-I)
  • DataFlow (JISC/HEFCE, Co-I)
  • e-Health+ (EPSRC, Co-I)
  • e-Research South (EPSRC, Co-I)
  • ETI WA3 Phase 1 (ETI, Chief Technologist)
  • UK e-Science ETF Network (EPSRC, PI)
  • FleSSR (JISC, PI)
  • GridBS (JISC, PI)
  • HiPerDNO (EC FP-7, Co-I)
  • Low Carbon ICT (JISC, Co-I)
  • Microsoft Cluster (Microsoft Corp, Co-I)
  • MyTrustedCloud (EPSRC, PI)
  • NeuroHub (JISC, Co-I)
  • NGS-2 (JISC, Co-I)
  • UK NGS-3 (JISC, Co-I)
  • OGF-Europe (EC FP-7, Co-I)
  • OptIPuter Microscopy Demonstrator (Microsoft Corp, Co-I)
  • SARoNGS (JISC, Co-I)
  • ShibGrid (JISC, Co-I)
  • SIENA (EC FP-7, Co-I)


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