Adi Sheward-Himpson


Adi was Communications Manager at the e-Research Centre from its birth in 2006 until 2017.  He enjoyed the challenges of being part of a brand new department and describes the initial few years as much like working for a high-tech startup.

Educated at Abingdon School, he studied for a Manchester University degree in Business and Media Production. While at University he started his own business which he ran for over five years, producing corporate video, events and training. He also worked in a variety of interesting areas including as a puppeteer on kids TV, a voiceover artist and in graphic design.

Lured by the call of the fledgling consumer Internet he subsequently took a role at the UK's first online bookstore,, surviving both the growth and burst of the dot com bubble. Following on from this role he became a futurologist in a consumer think-tank, where he enjoyed being able to explore ideas and technologies many of which only became mainstream a decade or more later.  He then moved to Amazon to be part of the world's leading online retailer and played a key role in the launch of their UK home and garden store.

After leaving Amazon, Adi's passion for science and technology naturally drew him to the fledgling e-Research Centre where he enjoyed the wide range of projects and collaborations that the Centre takes part in.  Amongst other roles within the wider University he is part of the Stonewall LGBT role-models programme.

In his spare time Adi has a passion for science-fiction, gadgets and all things digital. A loyal Mac user since 1985, he will happily share his love for all things Apple with anyone who will listen and as a result often finds himself providing technical support for friends and family.   He has also completed three Tough Mudders. In January 2016 a surprise proposal at work one afternoon resulted in a video that went viral on YouTube, reaching over 235,000 views before the wedding had even taken place!