Drs Sansone and Rocca-Serra report on Data Standards for Wellcome Trust

Drs Sansone and Rocca-Serra report on Data Standards for Wellcome Trust

Dr Susanna-Assunta Sansone and Dr Philippe Rocca-Serra were commissioned by the Wellcome Trust last year to write a report on Data Standards.

This will form part of the Trust's exploration into whether to include open research as one of its strategic priorities, which includes a survey of its researchers and a series of expert reviews. The Trust expect to take recommendations to its Board of Governors in April 2017.

Drs Sansone and Rocca-Serra published their report 'Interoperability Standards - Digital Objects in Their Own Right', in October 2016, and it has already received over 1,400 views and 260 downloads on the Trust's website.

Interoperability standards enable the operational processes underlying exchange and sharing of information between different systems to ensure all digital research outputs are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, according to the FAIR principles.

The report provides two key recommendations:

  • As Data Science culture grows, digital research outputs (such as data, computational analysis and software) are being established as first-class citizens. This cultural shift is required to go one step further: to recognize interoperability standards as digital objects in their own right, with their associated research, development and educational activities.
  • New funding frameworks need to be created to provide catalytic support for activities necessary to research new or apply existing methods to develop, extend, refine and harmonize interoperability standards, and also related tools and educational material. Launch joint funding frameworks and/or match fundings opportunities - among relevant funding agencies - on specific domains, within and cross-disciplines.

For more information on the Trust's review see https://wellcome.ac.uk/what-we-do/our-work/open-research