Oxford RSD Network seeks feedback from its 300+ members

Oxford RSD Network seeks feedback from its 300+ members

The Oxford University Research Developers Network (RSDN) has been running successfully for over a year and is now asking for feedback on its activities from its 300+ members so that it can continue to develop and grow.

There are over 300 people on the mailing list and registered on the website – a mixture of University staff creating software and systems, and researchers, research managers and facilitators. There are hundreds of people creating software and systems within the University, but they are not always well supported by cross-university structures.

The network was set up to connect these individuals with researchers and facilitators in order to share expertise, provide appropriate training, and facilitate re-employment with the University.

The network was set up in June 2015 by a group of people from the e-Research Centre, Computer Science, the Bodleian Libraries, Advanced Research Computing and Digital.Humanities@Oxford. It is also supported by the Software Sustainability institute. Going forward, it will be developed and managed by a group of Divisional representatives (Champions) to continue to meet the needs of its members. Information from the survey will be discussed at the first Champions meeting in December.

Over a dozen events have been organised since the network started, covering subjects such as incorporating software development in grant proposals, Linked Data, Docker, Visualization, HPC and Agile methods for software development. You can read here about the network's recent involvement in matching a PI to a developer for the METER project.

If you would like to join the network or get involved with its running and direction, please contact rsdn@oerc.ox.ac.uk or visit https://rsdn.oerc.ox.ac.uk/.

The next meeting is on Thursday 8th December 2016, 10am-12, at the Oxford e-Research Centre, with guest speaker Catherine Jones, Software Engineering Group Leader of the Scientific Computing Department at the Science and Technology Facilities Council.