ASEArch - Algorithms and Software for Emerging Architectures

Personal opinion

This ASEArch website aims to present a lot of information, but at times we have been asked "What does it all mean? What do you think is important?  What do you suggest we do?  Please give us your opinion."

I have hesitated to give personal opinions for a number of reasons:

  • I don't have hands-on experience with all hardware and software platforms, so my opinions are necessarily based on limited information
  • I'm reluctant to criticise specific vendors, for fear of jeopardising good relationships -- after all, things change quickly in this industry and a vendor, or technology, which is doing poorly today may do well tomorrow
  • On the same basis that technology changes quickly, opinions about the future can easily look very foolish in hindsight

Nevertheless, I understand, and sympathise with, the wish to have some opinions expressed -- I have similar feelings myself when I look at Intel webpages and want them to tell me which of the various ways of achieving vectorisation is probably going to be most suitable for my applications.

Therefore, I am adding personal comments to a number of webpages, but with them clearly identified as such, and subject to the caveats expressed above.

Initially the comments are just from me, Mike Giles, but in the future there may be additional comments from others, such as Simon McIntosh-Smith.


I welcome feedback on whether these personal opinions are helpful or not.  Also, if anyone disagrees strongly with any of them they are welcome to contact me and discuss their views -- this might lead to a change in my opinion, or I might allow them to offer their alternative view.