ASEArch - Algorithms and Software for Emerging Architectures

Workshop: Dynamic Execution and Auto-Tuning

April 5, 2012 -- Oxford

The aim of this workshop was to hear about the latest advances in developing algorithms and software for dynamic task execution and auto-tuning, with a particular focus on their use on novel architectures.  It was also an opportunity for users to discuss their application needs with leading experts.


9:45  Coffee
10:00 Welcome
10:15 Samuel Thibault (INRIA) -- StarPU
11:00 Mathieu Faverge (UTK) -- dynamic task execution within MAGMA
11:45 general discussion on dynamic task execution

12:30 lunch

1:30 Mike O'Boyle (Edinburgh) -- auto-tuning and compiler optimisation
2:15 Grigori Fursin (INRIA) -- software tools for auto-tuning
3:00 Mike Giles (Oxford) -- auto-tuning using Flamingo
3:30 general discussion on auto-tuning

4:15 Coffee and close of the workshop