ASEArch - Algorithms and Software for Emerging Architectures


PI: Prof Tania Monteiro (UCL)

CCPQ is a collaborative computational project with the objectives of developing theoretical techniques and computer programs to describe collisions between projectiles such as electrons, positrons or photons and atomic or molecular targets. Over the years these objectives have expanded to include atoms and molecules in strong (long-pulse and attosecond) laser fields, low-energy interactions of antihydrogen with small atoms and molecules, cold atoms, Bose-Einstein condensates and optical lattices.

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One of the main codes in this CCP is PFARM.  A GPU version of this has been developed by Michael Lysaght at ICHEC (Irish Centre for High-End Computing) as part of a Prace project, and the use of Xeon Phis is being investigated at Daresbury by Martin Plummer and others.

The CCPQ flagship project is a new Tensor Network Theory library being developed by Prof Dieter Jaksch at Oxford. ASEArch will investigate the possible use of GPUs to perform the large SVD computations which this library requires.

ASEArch contact: Prof Mike Giles (Oxford) or Dr Jennifer Scott (STFC RAL)