David De Roure: Digital Humanities Down Under

David De Roure: Digital Humanities Down Under

Professor of e-Research David De Roure is in Australia this October for a month of teaching, lectures and presentations.

He is being hosted by former e-Research Centre researcher (and current Academic Partner) Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller (lecturer in Digital Humanities at Australia National University in Canberra, pictured below introducing Professor De Roure at the ANU public lecture), and will also travel to Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, NZ, to deliver keynotes and public lectures.

David's talks in Australia will mainly feature work carried out as part of the EPSRC FAST project and on work conducted with Head of the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the Bodleian Libraries Pip Willcox and Alan Chamberlain (University of Nottingham):

Public Lecture - Australian National University (on Ada Lovelace Day, Tuesday 10 October)
"The imagination of Ada Lovelace: an Experimental Humanities approach"
This talk traces some paths the idea of Lovelace and her imagination of Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine has taken. In particular, we focus on music and creativity, after Lovelace's idea that 'the engine might compose elaborate and scientific pieces of music of any degree of complexity or extent'.

Keynote address - 'Musicology in the Digital Age' Musicological Society of Australia Study Day
Io Myers Studio, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 14 October
"Digital Musicology today and tomorrow"
This talk will reflect on two projects in the digital musicology arena. The first is Transforming Musicology, a project exploring how software tools being developed by the music information retrieval community may be applied in a variety of areas of musical study. Secondly, the Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies project focuses on music performance and production today. What should we be capturing today to support the musicology of tomorrow?

Opening keynote at eResearch Australasia in Brisbane (16-20 October)
This is the 11th eResearch Australasia Conference, to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.
De Roure's keynote is entitled "Creativity in Digital Scholarship"
Experimental methods have been used in research since at least the seventeenth century. In recent years, e-Research has given us new computational approaches and enabled in silico experimentation, and our community has been responsible for innovating and studying these new methods. In this talk we look at the trajectory of the experimental approach in the face of both increasing citizen engagement and increasing automation, and demonstrate the emerging practice of "experimental humanities". Ultimately this is about the role of the human in the future of research.

Paper presentation - IEEE International Conference Auckland, New Zealand
Experience paper presentation "Experimental Humanities: An Adventure with Lovelace and Babbage", with Pip Willcox, Thursday 26 October
The thirteenth IEEE eScience Conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 24 – 27 October 2017. The objective of the eScience Conference is to promote and encourage all aspects of eScience and its associated technologies, applications, and tools.

Look out for updates on Professor De Roure's Antipodean tour @dder and @tmtn