Professor of Visualization Min Chen co-authors new book on Visualization Information Theory

Professor of Visualization Min Chen co-authors new book on Visualization Information Theory

Professor Min Chen has co-authored a new book applying Information Theory – how to encode and decode information correctly and efficiently – to the field of visual analysis, a subject which is constantly progressing in order to meet our present-day ‘data deluge’.

Visualization is key to meeting the challenge of understanding large amounts of data in many different disciplines. Visual representations are used to help in our understanding of complex and large scale data sets, through analysis and manipulation of the data.

The first workshop on the subject was held in 1989, and this has developed into a large multi-conference, IEEE VIS. The publication of the book is particularly timely as the 100th anniversary of the birth of Claude Shannon, known as the ‘father of information theory’, was commemorated earlier this year.

The book, published by A K Peters/CRC Press and intended for graduate students and researchers in the field of visualization, graphics and image processing, was written by 6 highly published experts in visualization and represents a significant contribution to the theory of visualization and application of information theory. In his preface to the book, Chris Johnson, founding director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute at the University of Utah, says it is “written by people creating [information theoretic approach in visualization] and generating its new research results”.

The text book covers basic concepts in information theory (such as entropy), applies these to visualization using analogies with other fields, and describes different aspects of visualization such as volume/flow/chart etc. Professor Chen, who joined the Centre five years ago, acknowledges the work he has done here in developing some of the theories set out in the book, with Oxford colleagues including Dr. Simon Walton, Dr. Eamonn Maguire, Dr. Phil A. Legg, Dr. Kai Berger, Dr. Brian Duff, Dr. Hui Fang, Dr. Jeyarajan Thiyagalingam, Dr. Cameron Holloway, Professor Anne E. Trefethen, Professor Luciano Floridi, Dr. Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Dr. Karl J. Proctor, and Dr. Saiful Khan. The Centre’s Professor of Visualization also teaches on Visual Analytics to 4th year and MSc students on the Computer Science course at Oxford University.

As well as his teaching commitments and research undertaken at the Centre, Professor Chen regularly publishes leading articles in the field, including An Analysis of Machine- and Human-Analytics in Classification, which appeared in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics in August 2016. He also chaired a panel on Pathways for Theoretical Advances in Visualization at IEEE Vis in October this year, discussing how to build a theoretic foundation for visualization collectively as a community.

ISBN-13: 978-1498740937