Tokyo visit launches Japanese National Bioscience Database Center collaboration

Tokyo visit launches Japanese National Bioscience Database Center collaboration

The Centre's Senior Research Associate Dr Peter McQuilton and Research Software Engineer Dr Massimiliano Izzo visited Tokyo recently to launch a new collaboration with the Japanese National Bioscience Database Center (NBDC).

The teams (pictured below) will work together to share and display database data through FAIRsharing and the NBDC Integbio biological database registry .

Drs McQuilton and Izzo, who work with Professor Susanna-Assunta Sansone in the Centre's Life, Natural and Biomedical Sciences team, will work with the National Bioscience Database Center to align database fields, map the data and work out the logistics of sharing data via the FAIRsharing API and NBDC's SPARQL endpoint.

This collaboration is made possible by the generous support of a BBSRC Japan Partnering Award which Professor Sansone and Dr McQuilton received earlier this year. The collaboration came about following participation by the UK and Japanese teams in a number of RDA (Research Data Alliance) meetings and the BioSharing Registry Working Group .







While in Tokyo Dr McQuilton also gave a keynote presentation on FAIRsharing (Describing and Connecting Standards, Databases and Policies Across Disciplines) at the International Workshop on Sharing, Citation and Publication of Scientific Data across Disciplines , taking place from 5-7 December.

The Workshop focuses on recent topics of interest in the field of scientific data which contribute to the acceleration of Open Science and Open Data.