Open access is not enough on its own – data must be free too

Open access is not enough on its own – data must be free too

Susanna-Assunta Sansone , Associate Director for Life, Natural and BioMedical Sciences at the e-Research Centre has written a blog piece for the Higher Education Network section of the Guardian.

In it explains why making research freely available isn't enough and why the data behind research should also be open to scrutiny.

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Within the Centre, Susanna's activities are around and in support of data curation, management and publication and their pivotal roles in enabling reproducible research, driving science and discoveries. She focuses on life science, environmental and biomedical domains, collaborating with data producers and service providers, and pre-competitive informatics initiatives, journals and funding agencies to develop software and promote the creation and uptake of community-developed ontology and standards. I am a founding and/or core member of several international grass-root standards.

In addition to her role at the e-Research Centre Susanna also works at Nature Publishing Group as data consultant and Honorary Academic Editor for Scientific Data, an open access data publication platform.