Magic in the Web: David De Roure keynote at Data Driven Innovation

Magic in the Web: David De Roure keynote at Data Driven Innovation

Centre Director David De Roure gave a keynote talk on Sunday 22 May at the Data Driven Innovation workshop at ACM Web Science 2016, the conference hosted by the Oxford e-Research Centre in 2015 and held this year in Hannover, Germany.

Professor De Roure's talk was entitled "'Tis true. There's magic in the web: The Short and the Long of Co-Creation, Web Science, and Data Driven Innovation":

Co-creation flourishes in the Web ecosystem, where the affordances of the digital bring a new scale of citizen participation and a new empowerment of the ingenious human, and as we enter the era of the Internet of Things we anticipate new opportunities to realise the economic value of data. But what will happen when data supply massively outstrips demand, and as innovative data use is inevitably coupled with increasing automation? The talk took a long view of co-creation, Web Science, and data driven innovation from 1600 to 2050.

The international Web Science conference brings together researchers from multiple disciplines, including computer science, sociology, economics, information science and psychology. Web Science is the emergent study of the people and technologies, applications, processes and practices that shape and are shaped by the World Wide Web. Web Science aims to draw together theories, methods and findings from across academic disciplines, and to collaborate with industry, business, government and civil society, to develop our knowledge and understanding of the Web: the largest socio-technical infrastructure in human history.

Data Driven Innovation was a half-day workshop covering a number of studies related to the utilization of data within an innovation context, and the ability for the Web to facilitate these processes from an organizational, individual, social and/or psychological perspective. The workshop aligned objectives of academic research with those detailed in the Horizon2020 European Commission funding which looks to develop new models of innovation, utilize data in an innovation context for economic effect, and utilize technologies, such as the Web, to co-create and co-innovate.

Professor De Roure also appeared on the "10 years of Web Science" panel at the conference on Monday 23 May, celebrating 10 years since the creation of the Web Science Trust and looking ahead.

As the Oxford e-Research Centre Director, De Roure collaborates in the Web Science laboratory with the Oxford Internet Institute, an international network bringing together world-class research laboratories to support the Web Science Trust's research and education programme. He is also leading the Centre's involvement in PETRAS, the new EPSRC-funded interdisciplinary Research Hub for the Internet of Things (IoT), which will explore critical issues in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability, and security to drive forward UK research in the IoT.

Professor De Roure is featured in the Web Science Trust brochure 'A celebration of 10 years of the Science of the Web 2006-2016'.