Professor Wallom sets out the benefits of big data analytics at IET seminar

Professor Wallom sets out the benefits of big data analytics at IET seminar

The Centre’s Associate Professor & Associate Director for Innovation, David Wallom, took part in the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Control and Automation Network seminar on 8 November in London.

Smart power networks and smart grids require the incorporation of digital technology that allows for two-way data communication between utilities and customers, as well as the management, processing and storage of scalable volumes of data.

The one day seminar, organised by the Control & Automation Technical and Professional Network, looked at state of the art applications of big data analytics within smart power networks.

Professor Wallom spoke on the benefits of big data analytics in the EPSRC funded WICKED and ADEPT projects, in a panel session on big data analytics for smart metering, along with Professor Panos Louvieris of Brunel University London.

Smart Energy systems, by their very nature, require the translation of data generated by different components 'from the HV to the home' to actionable information. The questions asked and hence the type, frequency and volumes of data required will be many and varied.

Within his presentation Professor Wallom discussed a common thread of work from the development of as a service components for the smartening of distribution grids, through to the use of smart grid consumption and in the future non-consumption information, to solve a number of significant and pressing issues in the rolling out of a smart power network.

The event was aimed at academic researchers in big data analytics, smart power networks or smart grids; system analysts, integrators, developers associated with high volume data analysis/systems; stakeholders from government departments, innovation networks and regulators; control systems engineers and managers from power or national grid organisations.