ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum Jan 23-24

ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum Jan 23-24

Professor Susanna-Assunta Sansone and Dr Peter McQuilton will be presenting at the ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum this month.

The Forum, themed 'Enabling Discoverability in Bio-Data Innovation', takes place from 23-24 January at Churchill College Conference Centre in Cambridge.

Professor Sansone will take part in a session on Challenges in FAIR principles implementation, describing the FAIRmetrics initiative and the NIH FAIR Data Commons programme she is part of; she will also present the ISA framework as one of the ELIXIR UK Node resources.

Dr Peter McQuilton will be presenting another centre-contributed Node resource, FAIRsharing, in the session on Challenges in standards in life sciences, along with Gos Micklem (Cambridge University), with whom the Centre is collaborating on a new Wellcome Trust grant  bringing ISA and InterMine UK Node resources together.

The ELIXIR Innovation event is focused on the discoverability of bioinformatics resources that help speed up advancements in the life sciences. The forum is open to companies of all sizes, where attendees will hear presentations on ELIXIR's open data resources and services. There are both interactive sessions with ELIXIR experts and 'flash-talks' for companies to present their activities and proposals for collaboration.

The event is aimed at companies active in bio-data, software companies working with data and tools in life sciences and all research institutes active in the field of data science in all life science domains.

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