CloudWATCH ecosystem analysis tool presented at NetFutures 2016

CloudWATCH ecosystem analysis tool presented at NetFutures 2016

The Oxford-developed cloud ecosystem analysis tool  was presented at NetFutures 2016, the European Commission DG-Connect Annual Conference in Brussels from 20-21st April 2016.

CloudWATCH is a European cloud observatory supporting cloud policies, standard profiles and services in a common framework for cloud interoperability, which is critical to increase choice and boost innovation in the Digital Single Market on both the demand and supply side. CloudWATCH2, building on the success of CloudWATCH, brings together highly specialised experts in standardisation, security, legal aspects and pricing to help ensure European Research and Innovation takes to market the best possible products and services.

At NetFutures, Professor David Wallom spoke at the Unit E2 Concentration meeting on 20 April on 'Mapping priorities and future collaboration for your projects'. This showcased the cloud project and ecosystem analysis tool devised within the CloudWatch and CloudWatch 2 projects. The tool allows use of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) model of cloud computing to determine how important the characteristics defined in the model are to a particular project and, by analysing many projects, how the ecosystem itself is arranged.

Michel Drescher, also of the CloudWATCH2 project, spoke during the pre-meeting for the EC cloud clusters on the cloudwatch sponsored tool and discussed how these clusters of projects may extract best value from it.

See David Wallom's presentation

See Michel Drescher's presentation




CloudWATCH is a collaboration between the Oxford e-Research Centre, Trust-IT Services, Cloud Security Alliance EMEA, Strategic Blue and ICT Legal Consulting.