Celebrating 10 years of e-Science in the UK

Celebrating 10 years of e-Science in the UK

The Oxford e-Research Centre yesterday played host to a successful event celebrating 10 years of e-Science in the UK.

The event was attended by approximately 80 of those who have been involved in the  UK e-Science programme since it first began and looked back at what has been an exciting and very busy decade.

After an introduction by Professor Anne Trefethen, Director of the Centre, the event included an afternoon of talks by individuals who have been involved in the UK e-Science programme since it began. These included:


  • Professor Malcolm Atkinson examining Ten steps on the e-Science path
  • Dr Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro whose talk was entitled UK e-Science: A vision from the outer space
  • Dr Arfon Smith discussing The changing face of citizen science
  • Professor Tony Hey talking about The legacy of e-Science: data-intensive scientific discovery 

The event concluded with a dinner at the Ashmolean Museum where the after-dinner speech was provided by Sir David Wallace who spoke about the initial challenges in getting the programme off the ground, the individuals who helped lead the way and the subsequent successes that have led to the UK becoming a world leader in e-Science.

The event was kindly supported by Microsoft Research.