Experiment with 'hearing your data' – no coding experience required!

Experiment with 'hearing your data' – no coding experience required!

Oxford University's Centre for Digital Scholarship and e-Research Centre have organised a 'Hacking Sound' Day on Thursday 20 October for anyone with an interest in sound, its production, reception, and technologies, and people who want to play with 'hearing' their data.

Pip Willcox, Head of the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the Bodleian Libraries, and Research Software Engineer Iain Emsley explain the thinking behind the event:

"Sounds surround us everywhere, and in our urban and industrial environments we are permanently immersed in music and noise—alarms, vending machines, phones have familiarized us with mechanical sound as signal. Sonifications, or audiograms, are beginning to attract attention (including from BBC News and Wolfram Research), yet this area of study continues to be less studied than, for example, visual analytics.

The celebrations of Ada Lovelace's 200th birthday demonstrated a larger interest in the intersection of machinery, music, and culture, and pushed existing disciplinary boundaries. The hack day will build on this and we look forward to developing ideas and approaches together".

The hack day will experiment with ways of representing data with sound or music and exploring the sonic world. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data and existing projects to share, and to start on fresh ideas.

The day will encourage networking and developing ideas and projects, ending with a showcase of what the organisers have produced and future directions they might take: "We hope many of us will find new collaborators and be inspired to pursue new projects".

There is no requirement for technological, musical, or coding experience. More information and to book tickets