Professor David Wallom gave keynote at HPCS2016

Professor David Wallom gave keynote at HPCS2016

Professor Wallom gave a keynote at The International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation conference (HPCS 2016) which took place in Innsbruck, Austria, from July 18 – 22, 2016.

2016 was the 14th annual meeting of the conference, which this year focused on a wide range of the state-of-the-art, as well as emerging topics pertaining to high performance and large scale computing systems, under a general theme of ‘HPC and Modelling & Simulation for the 21st Century’. HPCS 2016 aimed to stimulate cutting-edge research discussions among many pioneering researchers and scientists as well as industry engineers and leaders from around the world.

Professor Wallom’s talk concentrated on the Centre’s application of ICT tools or technologies to solve problems in a specific area of research. To maximize value from insights, tools or services developed requires the reuse of these developed products either within the same area or in others which share the application design model. By being an interdisciplinary domain, e-Research is in a unique position to transcend domain boundaries and cherry-pick the best ideas and implementations from solutions in any number of areas to solve complex and rare problems.

Professor Wallom showed how, building on a specific solution developed to support radio astronomy, the Energy & Environmental ICT group at the Centre was able to solve new problems in Energy systems, then smart metering, energy theft and subsequently in supply chain analysis. He will discuss the particular challenges that allow this switch between domains whilst identifying the problems solved.

His talk drew on several projects the Centre is currently involved in:

Data Insight against Energy Theft (DIET): The objective of this project is use meter system messages alongside meter consumption data to identify potential energy theft and faulty equipment by examining changes in data through time. The scope is to analyse data collected from a pool of SME electricity meters, with a view to developing a reusable method for the domestic market operation.

Working with Infrastructure, Creation of Knowledge, and Energy strategy Development (WICKED): the Centre is working with energy suppliers, retailers and management companies as well as government stakeholders, landowners and tenants to collect and analyse information which will enable the adoption of energy efficiency technologies and management techniques in the UK retail sector.

Other keynote speakers at the 2016 conference will be Steven J. Newhouse, Head of Technical Services, European Bioinformatics Institute, Andrew S. Grimshaw, Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia, and Domenico Talia, University of Calabria & DtoK Lab, Italy.