'What can be done to make Deep Learning impactful?"

'What can be done to make Deep Learning impactful?"

Research Associate Shaona Ghosh discussed 'What can be done to make Deep Learning as impactful as possible in the near-term' with other panel members at the sold-out RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit which took place in London from 22-23 September.

Shaona is a research associate in the Smart Society Project, working with Dr Kevin Page and Professor David De Roure. Her work involves developing machine learning algorithms that can make large and complex social systems adaptive within the purview of human-machine interaction and diverse hybrid collective adaptive systems for a smarter society.

Deep Learning refers to the development of computers that can understand language and make inferences and decisions - deep learning software tries to copy human brain activity by learning to recognize patterns in digital representations of sounds, images, and other data. Recently, for example, a Google deep-learning system proved almost twice as good as any previous image recognition software at identifying objects - such as specific animals - in YouTube videos.

Shaona joined a line-up of world-class speakers from academia, startups and leading industry sharing insights, expertise and the latest technology breakthroughs from the lab to the workplace. Other panel members include Will Heaven of New Scientist and Jack Watts of NVIDIA.

RE•WORK is an all-female run events organising company that brings together breakthrough technology, cutting-edge science and entrepreneurship shaping the future of business and society. Their events showcase the opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies to positively disrupt industry and society.

You can see images from the event here.