Impact is the tangible change that research provides be it in policy, business, industry or society.

At the Centre all of our projects are either working toward tangible impact or have demonstrated key changes in one of the above areas.

From projects seeking to enhance the museum experience for blind and partially sighted visitors, to those that have significantly improved the speed at which critical seismological data can be analysed and delivered, the collaborative research carried out at the Centre has far-reaching impact beyond its home in academia.

The impact stories featured below are just some of the ways in which the innovative technology developed at the Centre has significant effect on the world around us.

"Taxonomy3 is a promising tool to help us understand complex disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, and derive innovative drug targets with direct genetic support."

Olivier Delrieu, VP of Clinical Development & Mathematics at C4X Discovery Ltd

Current Projects

Software developed by Oxford e-Research Centre in collaboration with C4X Discovery Limited and the Maths Institute should reduce the time taken to develop new drugs for complex disorders such as Parkinson’s disease
Working jointly with the Oxford Museums, the Centre is looking at using inexpensive, innovative technology to address the challenges faced by the 2 million people in the UK who are registered blind or partially sighted.
System developed by Oxford e-Research Centre has potential to significantly speed up the process of analysing and delivering crucial data about seismological events and hazards.