Innovation and Partnership


Expertise in digital methods enables us to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries in both the University and industry.

The Centre has established many successful partnerships across the University, as well as national and international links with industry and other organisations.

We concentrate on the following key areas: technology, community, interdisciplinarity, research, application, transformation, expertise and policy. All of these underpin our central goal of enabling, by empowering researchers and enabling other University departments to bid for and win interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects.

Impact is the tangible change that research provides be it in policy, business, industry or society. At the Centre all our projects are either working toward tangible impact or have demonstrated key changes in one of these areas.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) help businesses to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance by tapping into the knowledge held by UK universities and colleges.

The Centre forges relationships with businesses of all sizes across a range of industries, bringing benefits to both ourselves and our partners.