Research Software in the Humanities Workshop

Giles Bergel
June 21, 2018 - 10:00 to 17:00
Oxford e-Research Centre, 7 Keble Road
  • Workshop
  • Registration required
  • Open to all
  • Lunch provided

If you work in the humanities with digital technologies, or are considering in digital approaches to humanities research, please join us for a Software Sustainability Institute workshop.

Oxford e-Research Centre, 7 Keble Road, Oxford OX1 3QG (map)

Cost: free

Registration is required:

The workshop will address the full range of digital toolmaking and use in the humanities, addressing such questions as:

This Software Sustainability Institute workshop is co-hosted by the Oxford e-Research Centre and the Centre for Digital Scholarship. To

• How do humanities researchers find out about, make, commission or use software tools?
• To what extent is software considered a research output? How does making software influence other outputs?
• How are software and other digital outputs designed, funded, supported and sustained in the humanities?
• What kinds of training do digital humanists require?
• What career pathways exist for digital practitioners and research software engineers in the humanities?
• How far do digital practices in the arts and humanities intersect with their use outside academia, such as in the creative industries and the media?
• How does the digital humanities relate to humanities work as critical practice?
• How do digital humanists engage with colleagues in other disciplines, inside and outside the humanities, and other audiences? Are DH outputs open, accessible and accountable, and do they apportion fair credit?

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