Mont Blanc: Early Experiences of using GPU Compute on ARM for HPC [Many-Core Series]

James Clarkson
June 12, 2013 - 13:00
Lecture Theatre B

Oxford e-Research Centre
7 Keble Road

  • Seminar
  • No booking required
  • Open to all

The Oxford e-Research Centre is pleased to welcome James Clarkson from ARM to give this Seminar


The Mont Blanc project is ARM’s first foray into High Performance Computing. The talk will briefly introduce the project, ARM’s main areas of contribution and wider activities in HPC. One of the more forward looking aspects of the project is our investigation into compute accelerators. Here we are investigating the potential of embedded GPGPUs to increase the energy efficiency of ARM based SoCs for HPC applications.  Here the talk will touch upon our experiences so far and the likely consequences for software development.


James Clarkson is a Research Engineer at ARM. He is currently investigating the use of compute accelerators to improve the energy efficiency of ARM based SoCs for HPC applications. The work is  being funded as part of the Mont Blanc project ( – a seventh framework EU programme.  Prior to this, he obtained his BSc at UMIST and spent six years working on a variety of HPC projects in the civil service. 

Free Lunch will be provided.