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Digital research beyond the hard sciences

Oxford e-Research Centre is proud to be home to projects, websites and collaborations which cut across disciplinary and departmental boundaries, and bring cutting edge digital technologies to scholarship in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Centre hosts Digital Social Research, the Digital Humanities at Oxford, the CLAROS ancient art portal, and the Cultural Heritage Programme, and is the home in the UK for the CLARIN European research infrastructure for language resources and technologies

The Cultural Heritage Programme is a collaboration between Humanities, Social Sciences & Mathematics, Physical & Life Sciences and Museums & Collections

Digital Humanities at Oxford is an online hub for activities, resources and facilities in the digital scholarship in the humanities and related disciplines in the University.

If you would like to find out more about our work in the arts, humanities & social sciences or are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

Current Projects

An ongoing project with the Oxford University Museums is working to improve access to visual art works via audio and haptic interfaces for people who are visually impaired.

Past Projects

Exploring how Poem Viewer, a web-based tool for visualizing poems in support of close reading, can provide literary, humanities and social science scholars with the freedom to explore poetry and other texts in ways traditional scholarship and other text analysis software cannot.
Helping experts in the reading and interpreting of ancient documents and damaged texts, using computing technologies
Examining the communication and collaboration practices in e-Science, the UK e-Science programme has enabled large scale, multidisciplinary research to be carried out across academic and commercial institutions, and across institutional and national boundaries.