Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


Combining the strengths of industry and academia

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are a three-way partnership between a business, a UK university or college, and a recently qualified graduate. KTPs help businesses to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance by tapping into the knowledge held by UK universities and colleges. They are supported by Innovate UK and other funding organisations such as research councils.

The benefits of taking part in a KTP include:

  • businesses achieve an average increase in annual profit of more than £1 million after taking part. They also create around 2 new jobs
  • academic partners produce on average more than 3 new research projects and 2 research papers for each project
  • around 60% of associates are offered a permanent job in the company when the project ends.


The University of Oxford has a successful history of being awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. In the past three years, 4 KTPs have been led by the e-Research Centre.



KTPs provide recent graduates with a platform to transfer knowledge from academia to industry, giving them an opportunity to work in both the spheres simultaneously.


"As a result of works under the KTP we expect an improvement in timeliness and quality of the ISC Bulletin... Without it, we would have expected a decline in demand"

Dr. Dmitry A. Storchak, Director of the International Seismological Centre


Current Projects

Constructing a scalable data storage system that can quickly retrieve usable, quality data to support intelligence-led security decision-making.
Applying Big Data Analytics in the analysis of the cloud computing ecosystem to develop Strategic Blue core products and services, and to automate the functionality that underpins them.
Integrating trusted computing technology into public cloud computing infrastructure to provide public cloud services with verifiable security, privacy and trust to develop enhanced product lines.

Past Projects

Implemented a new technically-advanced system for quality assurance of large volumes of seismological bulletin data.